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Ordinary paper is composed of plant fibers so that the surface is not smooth and loose texture. It not suitable for direct coating silicone oil, if coating it will directly penetrate into the paper's internal and back ,it need treatment for paper's surface. There are two approaches: one is the surface of coated paper, forming a thin layer of PE coated film layer to form a laminate paper; the other one is directly to the paper surface through a special treatment, the formation of high-brightness high-smooth surface form Gerasin paper.

Release paper has many varieties , processing technology can be divided into two broad categories: There are PE coated and non-PE coated release paper.

The PE coated release paper need two technics to complete which is laminating and coating. first coated with a thin layer of PE film in the ordinary roll, and then coating layer of silicone in the film, there are two sides of paper, according to different treatment on both sides, are divided into two side of plastic release paper and single-plastic single silicon release paper. Two side of PE coated release paper can be divided into pairs of plastic single silicon release paper and two PE coated dual silicon release paper. There are PE coated release paper will be due in advance of PE coated layer of hot-melt coating on the paper surface, making the surface smooth, silicon-coated to prepare for follow-up, so it can use relatively low cost of Kraft paper, writing paper and even recycled as the paper-based material.

PE coated & silicon coated

One white PE coated single silicon release paper

Kraft Paper

Double faced & single silicon-based Kraft Paper

PE coated Kraft Paper

Double faced PE coated & double silicon-based Kraft paper

Non PE coated release paper is used a special base paper calendering treatment, the surface of such paper, relatively smooth, dense quality, the surface smooth and bright, can be directly coated silicone oil on the surface without causing penetration of heat-resistant paper not only to maintain good advantage, and the water-resistance has also been improved, after damp caused by the size change is not easy, so it is a relatively good anti-sticking paper with the substrate. The disadvantage is that higher prices. Non PE coated release paper commonly used in order to have three kinds of paper: Glassine paper, SCK (super calendar kraft paper) and CCK (Kaolin coated paper). The main features of CCK release paper, paper density, stiffness is good, clean surface, peel strength and stability, and has a very good high-temperature performance.

Glassine Paper

A variety of Glassine Paper: white grid paper, yellow grid paper, Lange Paper

glassine paper

The difference between Glassine paper and plain paper: Glassine paper is more smooth surface, high transparency

food paper

Used as a food greaseproof paper, white glassine paper

lilicon glassine paper

26 g pairs of thin silicon glassine paper

Release paper variety, as opposed to away from the film in terms of low cost, the application is extremely broad, can be said that any use of the area is bound to use pressure-sensitive adhesive release paper. Including plastic release paper surface smooth, the price relative to the lower price without plastic release paper can be applied to a variety of self-adhesive bottom paper, double-plastic release paper for its smooth, easy to curl, but also the application In demanding the protection of electronic materials, films and film cutting process where the switch. Although the price of non-plastic release paper plastic relatively high, but its high temperature characteristics, so that it can be widely used in baked foods is the production of steamed bread paper, cake paper, the best choice.

steamed bread paper
Steamed dumplings double silicon white Gerasin paper: a food-grade requirements, high-temperature
baking paper

High-temperature baking paper

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