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Release Film

Silicone coated film that is coating silicon on plastic film which is good in production, then make the surface easier to peel. And it mainly used in the electronics industry, adhesive industry, rubber industry. Although the price is higher than the release paper, but it has high transparency and smooth surface. they can be used as an automatic production line at the end of self-adhesive film and some high-demand products at the end of film, such as medical, health, precision electronics industry.

The following that we often use:


One-faced single silicon release film

The low-pressure polyethylene HDPE film: for Sealed tapes and other waterproofing membranes etc.

LDPE-off films: mechanical product packaging, hot melt packaging, health care supplies (diapers), anti-corrosion and other tensile coil etc.

BOPP polypropylene release film: for sealed tape, adhesive tape

PET release film: gum protection

Double-faced silicon release film

Red / Green Polyolefin double release film: for pairs of silicone foam tape

Transparent PET release film: double-sided adhesive

Released paper, HDPE silver-coated membrane, waterproofing membrane used to down the temperature.

BOPP substrate enhanced / BOPET Enhanced: To improve the aluminized layer of adhesion, so that resistance to 100 ℃ boiling

PE released film

This PE released film used for supply of electronic pad washed

PET released film

PET hard-off sheet for Blister industry

PE released film
This PE released film used to packag hot melt adhesive
PE film
The PE released film is used to inkjet For high-end computer

The released film is used to protect circuit boards

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