release paper factory

release paper factory

Release Paper Sort

PE Coating Release Paper
Release Paper
Glassine Paper
SCK Release Paper
CCK Release Paper

Release Film Sort

One-faced Silicone Film
Double-faced Silicone Film
PET Release Film

PE Coating Paper Sort

One-faced PE Coating Paper
Double-faced PE Coating Paper

Release Paper / Release Film series

In the adhesive industry need a large number of anti-sticking, especially for release paper and released film. If in the production of bar code printing paper, sticker paper, inkjet paper at the end of advertising paper,all use Release Paper(flim).

release paper
release kraft

One faced PE Coated & One faced Silicone White Paper

Two faced PE Coated & One faced Silicone Paper

Glassine paper
PE release film
Glassine Release Paper
Double-faced Silicone Film

PE coated paper

Ordinary paper is composed of wood fiber, water absorption is strong, so we all know that paper to absorb moisture but fear tide. Composite machine will be a layer of plastic film glued to the paper surface through the adhesive process called laminating, commonly used in protect the surface after the paper was printed. but this approach has a drawback that is unable to reach the requirements of environmental protection and food grade by use of glue. Therefore, a number of more environmentally protection approach is to use Laminating process, after the PE plastic hot-melt coating evenly on the paper surface, the whole process does not use any chemical solvent, is environmentally protection .

One Faced PE Coated Kraft

Double Faced PE Coated Kraft

Glassine Paper

Coated paper has a drawback that the surface has a layer of PE film, so it does not heat, although it is grease proofing and dampproof , but can not be applied in food industries which require high-temperature processing, such as baking, steaming and baking. To use High-pressure processing Glassine coating on the silicone is completely based on a pure wood-pulp paper,it have anti-sticking, anti-oil, high temperature properties, our daily life to see cake paper, dumplings paper, baking paper that is coated silicon glassine paper.

Glassine Paper

A variety of Glassine papers are used for anti-sticking, anti-oil, high temperature

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