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Anti-adhesion paper (film)

Anti-adhesion paper and anti-seize film is called segregation and isolation of paper or release paper and the release film. It is a important material for produce pressure-sensitive adhesive. And also the food industry greaseproof paper , baking paper industry in the moisture-proof paper, moisture-proof membrane. Many products is made of pressure-sensi- tive adhesive, East substrate, and anti-sticking paper or anti-mucous membrane composition, such as pressure-sensitive adhesive double-sided sticky tape, glue and other adhesive wallpaper category such as pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet products. Anti-adhesion paper (film)'s main action is protect the pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on the substrate layer to prevent contamination or stick to other objects or stick with each other after the loss of value layer Therefore we can say there is no Anti-adhesion paper (film), these pressure-sensitive adhesive products can not be produced and developed. In addition, Hsu Chin-pressure-sensitive adhesive products production must be the transfer coating process, first in the Anti-adhesion paper adhesive coated paper, drying and then combined with the substrate and transferred to the substrate. At this time Anti-adhesion paper paper is also indispensable material.

Put the appropriate Anti-adhesion paper (organic silicone) coating on a variety of paper or plastic film substrate, after curing can be obtained by the Anti-adhesion paper(film).But by this way ,the Anti-adhesion paper(film) was Jumbo storage and transportation and supply. If both sides of the substrate are coated anti-viscosity (organic silicon oil), can be obtained double-sided Anti-adhesion paper(film), it mainly in the production of double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape applied sticky.

antiseize paper (film) with the substrate

The substrates are mainly two categories of paper and plastic film, and its products are known as antiseize paper (film). Substrates commonly used in industry are as follow.

Polyethylene (PE) Coated Paper

General Kraft paper, coated paper and tissue paper's surface are porousness and flatness is poor, a direct anti-viscosity of the coating solution or emulsion, the anti-viscosity (organic silicone oil) will penetrate into the paper, but also not easy to get the thickness of uniform coating. Therefore, pre-coated anti-viscosity are generally required in these hot-melt coated paper substrate layer polyethylene coating, PE coating thickness of a few microns to 10 microns about. Polyethylene-

-coated paper thus obtained the surface smooth and bright, permeability is small, water-resistance has also been improved. Then anti-viscosity (organic silicone oil) solution coating the surface of the polyethylene coating easy to get a thin uniform anti-sticking coating. However, PE, has also brought heat-resistant coating to reduce shortcomings. At present in China 's industrial production ofanti-sticking paper the majority of the use of such paper substrate.


Super-pressure optical density paper (Glassine Paper)

Since this type of paper have a special calender processing, it have high density and the surface is smooth and bright, not only to maintain a good heat-resistant advantages, but also the water-resistance has been improved, if it is affected with damp ,the size isn't change .so it is a kinds of perfect anti-sticking paper with the substrate. But the weak point that the prices is higher.

Polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene film composite paper

In a variety of paper covered with a layer of sticky adhesive polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) film, can improve water resisting property of paper, to make paper surface smooth, bright, after it is affected with damp that the dimensions difficult to change, but it still maintaining to good creep resistance. However, after covered with plastic film, paper, lower the heat resistance, especially when the use of PE film.

Polyester (PET), biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and polyethylene (PE) plastic film, etc.

With the type of plastic film as a substrate with a transparent antiseize paper (film) the surface smooth and bright, Water resistance is good, difficult to change dimensions after damp, etc., but the shortcomings that is the heat resistance and creep resistance is poor, especially the PET film, it heat resistance and creep resistance to be a better, because it used in the production of advanced transparent and anti-mucous membrane of the substrate.

Anti-sticking paper (film) with adhesion preventives

adhesion preventives (organic silicone oil) is the most important material for production of the Anti-sticking paper (film).

As the use of anti-sticking paper (film) in most of the pressure-sensitive adhesive products are not raised it with a sheet, that is, a larger area of anti-sticking, which requires anti-sticking paper (film) than in the north have a better Adhesive tape The anti-sticking effects, so that it can expose certificate except larger anti-sticking paper (film), the spin-off of having to use too much force. It is for this reason, silicone anti-viscosity only became an ongoing anti-sticking paper (film) production in the most appropriate, and almost the only anti-viscosity.

The quality of Anti-sticking paper (film)

For better or worse that the most importantly is looking over the coating quality of anti-viscosity silicone, especially the coating uniformity and cross-linking curing conditions. If the coating crosslinking is not complete, some of the low molecular weight silicone coating will be transferred to the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and pollution it, so that pressure-sensitive adhesive product's performance to go down . Uneven thickness of the coating will cause the anti-sticking paper (film) instability.

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