release paper factory

release paper factory

Release Paper Sort

PE Coating Release Paper
Release Paper
Glassine Paper
SCK Release Paper
CCK Release Paper

Release Film Sort

One-faced Silicone Film
Double-faced Silicone Film
PET Release Film

PE Coating Paper Sort

One-faced PE Coating Paper
Double-faced PE Coating Paper

Demand Information:

We need to buy below products to fulfill our production requirement:

Imported 100% wood original paper, glassine paper, imported PE (polyethylene) plastic particles, paper tube, paper core.

Supply information:

Two Sided PE Coated One Sided Silicone Paper, Two Sided PE Coated Two Sided Silicone Paper, One Sided PE Coated One Sided Silicone Paper, Single side Glassine Silicone Release Paper, Two side Glassine Silicone Release Paper, ginger color Glassine Silicone Release Paper, white ruled form , SCK One Sided Silicone Paper, SCK Two Side Silicone Paper, CCK single Sided silicone Coated film ,CCK Two Sided silicone Coated film, Single Sided Silicone PE Film, Two Sided Silicone PE Film, PET released film , PE released film, PE one side and two side silicone coated film, waterproof paper , greaseproof-paper , release paper, in-adhesion paper , anti-seize film , baking paper, packing paper for steam box, Released paper, releasing film, self-adhesive paper, pitiably.

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