release paper factory

release paper factory

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One-faced PE Coating Paper
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Shanghai Jiguang industry and trade Ltd., main specialized is engaged in each kind of silicone paper (film) and PE coating paper. Our main machines are: Gravure, PE Coating Machine, Silicone Coating machine, Bobbin Cutter.

First working process: Gravure

Release paper with a printed, coated paper, silicone paper must be printed first, then do laminating and coated silicon process.


Second working process : PE coated

PE Coated Machines, the melting of PE plastic film evenly coated on the paper surface, the formation of laminate paper, also known as coated paper or plastic paper. Is also the first process to produce the plastic release paper.

PE Coated Machines

The third process: coated silicon

Silicone Oil have incompatibility of the physical characteristics , coated silicon is that use the coating machine to put organic silicon coated on the surface into the volume of other materials, forming a layer of silicone oil layer, called the silicone paper (film), so as to achieve non-stick and grease proofing , it is the main material to produce greaseproof paper,anti-sticking paper, released film.

Silicon Coated Machines

4th Work Process: Cutting

because our company has a large-scale coated silicon production line, while the customer demand is generally narrower leaflets or finished products, so in the end a process of release paper is to Jumbo (film) cut into finished products required by customers.


Fifth working process: Lut knife   

When the silicon coateded ,release film and lamirate paper turn rolling after cutted .Then use the slitter to cut it into roundness and single of paper ,meet the customers'requirment to the greatest extent/made the customers satisfied.

Sixth working process: Punching 

The end items of the special shapes can't be achieved which through above process,it need use the Laser Rule Die punch it into different shapes .

Such as steamer paper with many park shaped hole.

Raw material warehouse : chemicals

The chemical warehouse need the strict protection and deviate from other raw maaterials.

Raw material warehouse : materials paper and plastic granule

Our company can provide a reliable material security that because of the large of materials paper and plastic granule'storage.

Finished products : Industrial paper

Indurstry paper: siliconed liner and waterproof paper

Finished warehouse : food wrap paper

The food paper have strict requirements for the environment and storage evironment . Especially need to pass the QS certification

Disinfection workshop

The place which use to made food paper and change clothes

No dust and germ free workshop

The place where is used to made of food wrap paper

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